Evanston Scottish Country Dancers


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you meet every Friday from September thru June?
A: No we do not meet every Friday. There are always a couple of Fridays where there are scheduling conflicts with the Community House that we do not meet. We also do not meet for most of December due to the Holidays. Please check the Calendar page to see when we are meeting.

Q: Is there a cost involved with joining you on a Friday?
A: Yes. We ask for five dollars per person to help pay for the room rental.

Q. Do I need any dancing experience to come dance with you?                                                    A: No dancing experience is required to come join us. Just bring a good attitude and have a good time.

Q: Do I need special shoes to dance?                     A: No special shoes are required. However if you have a pair of flat bottomed, soft soled shoes bring them. They will work better and make it easier to dance than sneakers. Flip-flops or slipper type footwear is not recommended.

Q: Do I need to wear a kilt or any special clothing for dancing.                                                             A: No special clothing is required. Wear something comfortable and be aware that some of the dances can be vigorous and you will get warm. If you have a kilt feel free to wear it if you want.